The story of Comme Des Garçons Play Cardigan

Comme des Garcons is French, translated into English, is “like a little boy.” Comme des Garcons referred to as “CDG”.Comme des Garcons, the brand name, is the Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo  who positioning and naming her clothing brand Rei Kawakubo, the Japanese female designer who developed in France, use “Comme des Garcons” to give a straightforward concept of pop and design she understood. (French “Comme”,means “how” and “like” means, “Comme des Garcons” isAs Boys, “like a boy”) avant-garde original image, a fusion of the concept of East and West, She was hailed as”alternative designer” reasons.

Comme Des Garçons Play is the diffusion collection of Japanese designer brand Comme des Garçons. Conceived by Rei Kawakubo and artist Filip Pagowski in 2002, the line is founded on simple, basic forms, with the iconic eye logo that adds an avant-garde detail to staple knits, stripe tees, sweaters and patterned styles.

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