the fairy godmother of the Japaneses fashion industry-Rei Kawakubo-CDG Play cardigan

The fairy godmother of the Japaneses fashion industry .Rei Kawakubo is a Japanese fashion designer, founder of Comme des Garcons.

Instead of being professionally trained as a fashion designer, she studied art and literature at the famous Keio University in Tokyo. After graduation, Kawakubo working in a textile company, and in 1967 started  as a freelance designer.

She founded her own company Comme des Garcons Co. Ltd In 1973 in Tokyo and opened her first boutique in Tokyo in 1975. From 1978 onwards, Kawakubo added men’s clothing line on the basis of the women series. Three years later, in the annual fashion season in Paris she displayed her own design clothing. At last atmarched into Paris in 1982, opened her own brand stores.

Rei is not just concerned about clothing and accessories, but like to attack around. She places great emphasis on the graphic design, advertising and in-store aspects of her brand store, believing that all of this is part and parcel of a vision. Her Aoyama, Tokyo store is famous for its blue glass with slanted glass facades. It was designed in collaboration with architects Future Systems and interior designer Takao Kawasaki


Rei published her bi-annual “Six” (on behalf of “the sixth sense”) in the early 1990s. It has very few words, mainly including photographs and images that she thinks are encouraging. Rei was a guest editor for Visionaire, a premium publication in 1996. Rei was considered a low profile desinger, and she preferred her innovative work to speak for himself. Her designs inspire many late-stage designers such as Martin Margiela of Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium, and Ann Demeulemeester, as well as the Austrian designer Helmut Lang. Kawakubo’s former apprentice Watanabe also started his own career as early as the early 1990’s and has drawn a great deal of attention in the fashion industry.

CDG Play cardigan is the most popular design of Rei Kawakubo and find here.





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