Moncler Down jacket are so expensive, you must wash it rightly


The weather is getting colder, winter down jackets are expensive but very particular about cleaning and maintenance, if wash bad you will feel really distressed

W sorted out a few simple and easy methods of moncler down jacket washing, maintenance, storage ,it is recommended to be shared! ! ~

Down is by far the best natural material for human warmth, compared with man-made materials,down thermal insulation capacity is three times the average man-made materials.With good cold resistance, soft light feeling, easy to wash, and green all natural advantages, so the consumer demand for down jackets more and more prosperous, so down jacket market is still great room for development.

Moncler Donw jacket laundry guide:

1, warm water, and the temperature of water is almost the same as your hand, do not be too hot, put the right amount of detergent in the water.

2, 10 minutes after soaking you can begin to wash. Be careful, do not rub your clothes with your hands, you must use a soft brush or toothbrush to wash the dirty, all the down jacket can washed by the brush.

3,After brushing the jacket clean, do not twist the moncler down jacket to squeeze the water, push the water from down jakcet and wash it by water again.

4, when cleaning the second time, a few drops of vinega into water(with the usual amount of cooking). down jacket soak inside 5 – 10 minutes, gently rub a few times.


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