Introducing the design quotes of Rei Kawakubo CDG play cardigan designer

The world nowadays is uniform and lacks imagination. But now this time, it is time to pay attention to and evaluate the following designer. She always stands at the forefront of resistance against the status quo. Kawakubo, a founder and creative director of the Japanese fashion house Comme des Garçons cardigan, more  here.  looks like a different piece of extraordinary cloth, blending her creative inclination with her business ablity.

Although Rei Kawakubo has long been touted by the fashion press , her relationship with the media is very cold.However, when she was interviewed by a few journalists, Rei Kawakubo demonstrated an incredible wisdom. Although she maybe as elusive as a Sphinx, there are often many wonderful phrases that inspire everyone.

Avenuek-shopping will introduce Rei Kawakubo’s series of quotes about design in future articles. Please follow.

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